November 15, 2013

Republicans Use Clinton Statements To Attack ACA.

The Hill (11/14, Cox) reports in its “Floor Action” blog that multiple Senate Republicans on Wednesday used comments made Tuesday by former President Bill Clinton to attack the Affordable Care Act. In the interview, Clinton said that “Obama should keep his promise that if someone likes their healthcare plan, they can keep it.” Specifically, “GOP Sens. Mitch McConnell (Ky.), John Thune (S.D.), Dan Coats (Ind.) and Roy Blunt (Mo.) gave floor speeches Wednesday where they cited Clinton’s remarks.”
The Politico (11/14, Delreal) reports that Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) made comments about the Affordable Care Act and President Clinton’s comments in an interview with Fox News. He accused the former President of making the remarks in a calculated attempt to provide his wife, Hillary, with political cover from the Act’s troubled rollout: “That was certainly revealing, and it suggests perhaps that Hillary Clinton is looking to run away from President Obama and Obamacare. And that ought to be a signal to Democrats. This thing isn’t working.”
Politico (11/14, Delreal) reports that former Vice President Dick Cheney also weighed in on Bill Clinton’s comments, noting that he agrees with the latter’s comments: “I’m inclined to agree with Bill Clinton. That’s something that ought to be attempted. But given the complexity of the system, you’ve already got people now who have lost their policies, who can’t get new ones. I’m not quite sure how now you go peel back that onion.”

Source article: Bulletin Healthcare