May 16, 2011

Recent Flood Plain Changes and Insurance

The Arizona Daily Star recently published information regarding the newly re-drawn flood plains in Pima County, which take effect on 6/16/2011. Please be aware that due to this change your home could now be in a flood zone, and you may need flood insurance. If you purchase your flood policy before the 6/16/11 deadline you will be able to purchase it at a preferred rate. After the deadline, standard rates will apply which are considerably higher.

We highly recommend that you visit one of the following two websites to determine whether or not your home is within the new flood plains. Pima County’s site is   Arizona Daily Star also has a video on their website which will help you navigate through the information at Please take time to review how this change will affect your home and feel free to contact our office if you need assistance or if you need to purchase a Flood Policy.