July 23, 2014

Minnesota Governor To Release State Heath Exchange Rates Ahead Of Gubernatorial Elections.

The AP(7/23, Potter) reports that Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton (D) is “pushing to release prices for the state’s health insurance exchange on Oct. 1…a month before [constituents] head to the polls” amid accusations from the Republicans that his Administration is “hiding potential rate increases until after the gubernatorial race.”
The Minneapolis Star Tribune(7/23, Crosby) reports that the largest health insurance providers in Minnesota have agreed to release the rates early so long as they are “guaranteed a level playing field.” Scott Keefer, a top official at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota, said “moving up the release date would benefit Minnesotans but only if done in a way that ‘makes the data understandable and meaningful for shoppers.’” The St. Paul (MN) Pioneer Press(7/23, Snowbeck) reports that, according the Alycia Reidl, immediate past president of Minnesota Association of Health Underwriters, “Insurers filing 2015 rates are doing so based on the experience from the first few months of this year” because “there’s evidence to suggest that insurers saw a lot of claims during those months…and the experience would likely prompt carriers to increase premiums.” The MinnPost(7/23) also covers this story.
Editorial: Governor’s “Move Toward Transparency” A “Welcome Turnabout.” The St. Paul (MN) Pioneer Press(7/23) praises the Governor’s “move toward transparency” as a “welcome turnabout,” nothing he has decided to release rate increases earlier than he had previously pledged to do. The paper applauds the Governor and says the earlier rate announcements “will give Minnesotans information they need as they make their health care decisions.” The paper also notes that “if they come to bear in their decisions on their election ballots as well, that’s good, too.”

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