November 15, 2013

Medical Expansions

New Hampshire Democrats Propose Medicaid Compromise, Senate Republicans Decline.

The Concord (NH) Monitor (11/13, Palermo) reports that on Tuesday, New Hampshire Gov. Maggie Hassan (D) and House Speaker Terie Norelli (D) announced their party’s willingness to compromise on some aspects of a Medicaid expansion plan, but Republican responded this would not be enough. According to Hassan, “We are open to the Senate’s ideas. However, the bill as written by the Senate simply will not work,” but she proposed adopting the Senate plan for putting people onto the marketplace on the condition that they ease some of the deadlines in the proposal. Senate President Chuck Morse (R-Salem) claimed that would create “an unsustainable entitlement,” stating, “Without definitive targets for when the newly eligible population will transition to private insurance on the exchange, the governor’s proposal is nothing but a bridge to nowhere.”

Three Prominent Mayors Urge Medicaid Expansion.

The AP (11/14) reports the mayors of Atlanta, Milwaukee and Philadelphia are pushing for their states to expand Medicaid so low-income workers do not lose coverage on Jan. 1. Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett accused Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, a Republican, of waging an “ideological battle,” while Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter claims failure to expand Medicaid in Pennsylvania will force low-income workers to miss work when they get sick. Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed claims refusing Medicaid expansion funds could cost public hospitals $100 million.

Florida Residents Still Calling For Medicaid Expansion.

The Tampa (FL) Tribune (11/14, Shedden) reports those calling for Medicaid expansion in Florida face “an uphill battle,” but advocates have not quit yet. Former Rep. Mike Fasano (R) asked publicly, “What do we do for these individuals? Do we say they don’t exist? … My hope is that next year, things will change.”

Source article: Bulletin Healthcare