May 5, 2014

Maryland’s Plan To Rebuild Insurance Exchange Met With Skepticism, Criticism.

The Washington Post (5/3, Johnson, Flaherty) reports on Maryland’s plan to rebuild its problematic health insurance exchange “on a time schedule that leaves no room for error, without the endorsement of the federal government or a clear plan for funding the project.” Moreover, the same state officials who oversaw the state’s first effort “remain in place and – despite criticism – continue to operate largely behind closed doors.” The Post says some observers are skeptical that Maryland understands how to avoid making the same mistakes again, while “federal authorities appear skeptical” as well. Rep. John Delaney (D) and others have also said publicly that Maryland should consider moving to the Federal exchange, which Delaney thinks could be done before the next open enrollment period at no cost to the state. He said, “I think after you blow $100 million and fail miserably, there should be a robust debate.”
Original Posting from Bulletin Healthcare.