May 5, 2014

CMS Proposals Draw Attention.

Several recent proposals for Medicare reimbursement were released last week by CMS, drawing media and industry attention.
The Congressional Quarterly (5/2, Reichard, Subscription Publication) reported on the looming “big lobbying push” by hospitals over proposed changes to Medicare reimbursement. CQ notes that “Because hospitals account for so much Medicare spending they are often the first target that comes to mind when lawmakers think about ways to cut deficits and offset the costs of delaying future Medicare physican [sic] payment cuts.” The Congressional Quarterly (5/2, Reichard, Subscription Publication) reported briefly on the hospice proposal.
The Hill (5/2, Viebeck) reported that, on Friday, CMS released a payment proposal (PDF) for hospice providers. The 188-page proposal contains a 1.3% pay increase. The total increase would amount to $230 million next year.
The Hill (5/2, Viebeck) also reported on reactions to CMS’ recent proposed changes in reimbursement rates, noting American Health Care Association President Mark Parkinson said “America’s skilled nursing care centers are pleased to see a proposed two percent market basket increase to providers’ Medicare reimbursement. These centers have shared in the sacrifice plenty through multiple government reductions over recent years. A stable Medicare payment system is essential in keeping skilled nursing care accessible to our seniors.”
Original Posting from Bulletin Healthcare.