September 16, 2015

CBO: 14M Would Lose Coverage If Individual Mandate Is Repealed.

The Congressional Budget Office estimated  Tuesday that repealing the Affordable Care Act’s individual mandate would reduce the deficit by more than $305 billion but increase the number of uninsured Americans by 14 million over the next decade, the Washington Times  (9/16, Howell) reports. The government would spend “about $100 billion less on subsidies for people who purchase private plans on Obamacare’s web-based exchanges, and about $200 billion less on Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Programs over the 10-year budget window.” According to the CBO’s updated figures, about 41 million overall would be uninsured by 2025.

The Hill  (9/16, Ferris) reports that about half “of those 14 million people losing health insurance would come from the individual marketplace, according to Tuesday’s report.” Another 5 million people would drop Medicaid or CHIP coverage, “and 1 million people would have had employer-based coverage.”

Roll Call  (9/15, Dennis) reports that eliminating the individual mandate “would also cause health insurance premiums to jump 20 percent in the individual market, the CBO estimated in conjunction with the Joint Committee on Taxation.”

The Washington Examiner  (9/16) also reports the story